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"Classes have been discontinued until further notice."
Thanks- .John


"I would like to thank American Patriot Enterprises for what I have learned while receiving my CCW certification and permit. The process was easy and afford able.

The program was very well put together and covered every aspect of weapon safety to State law. This is very important to understand because most law enforcement officers do not know the state laws and rules themselves.

As a veteran of the US Army during OEF, I have seen combat and know that the world we live in is an unpredictable and potentially a dangerous place for ourselves and children. The people and instructors at American Patriot Enterprises ensure the highest quality of training which I felt was comparable to the training I received while serving my country.

American Patriot Enterprises was courteous and very professional in the way they approached the entire course. My family feels safer and I have little concern about how and when it would be time to protect them. It also has offered my wife a renewed sense of courage and forethought on what is an actual threat and how to control the situation with those who would want to do her and our small children harm. This a huge comfort for me while I am away on business knowing that she knows what to do and how to handle the un-imaginable should it arise. "

Again thank you American Patriot Enterprises.



We teach Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry classes. Both states require 8 hours of instruction to include class time and live fire.
CCW classesWe cover basics of firearm function, nomenclature, cleaning, safety, and handling. We help students achieve proper stance, grip, sight picture, sight alignment, and trigger press that ensures shots placed where intended.

We equip students to safely operate firearms in a crisis situation by understanding the psychology, mindset, and body reactions to situations that require fight or flight. We also equip our students with the resources and information to make crisis decisions to defend life.

We teach statutes and justification as it relates to CCW and use of force.

Tim InstructorWe do this in a fun, hand on environment that fosters information retention and comfort ability. Because of this, our classes are open to all Americans legally able to obtain a CCW license irrespective of age, infirmity, gender, or experience. Beginners and Marksman both, find our instruction helpful and rewarding.

For legal purposes: since all people, firearms, and situations are individualistic, we make no guarantee of favorable outcomes as a result of deploying weapons or of instruction obtained by American Patriot Enterprises.

Class time is usually held in Weston, MO and live fire at a private outdoor range, but we also hold class and live fire at a facility in St. Joseph, MO.

Our fee of $75 is paid as a $20 deposit with application and $55 CASH to be paid day of instruction. The deposit is non refundable but good funds until instruction is obtained.

We provide all supplies, firearms, and ammo to complete your instruction. However, as a service, we encourage all patriots to bring from home their own firearms and ammo to use. We do this so that we can help them feel comfortable with the firearm they will actually use. We also will take the time to offer advice to manage shot placement and recoil.