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What we promote is the mindset that accompanies what firearm carrying represents. Namely, integrity, conviction, and responsibility to take action to support and defend values that our founding fathers died for.


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Our firearm prices are 16% over our wholesale cost. There are no kickbacks or selling incentives, we simply add a 16% margin to what we pay for the firearm...period. If you can find the exact same weapon cheaper, it is because the seller makes it up on volume or obtained his product from a cheaper wholesaler.


Gun Shop ExteriorWelcome to our website of information, products, and services dedicated to God and guns, and our understanding of both. We started this site to advance traditional American values that promote our God given rights and freedoms granted in our Constitution as spelled out in our Bill of Rights, anchored by Patriots just like you.

American Patriot Enterprises thinks these are important because our forefathers gave the American people a gift earned by blood, personally cherished with integrity, and guarded with diligence. However, all that has changed the past few decades as Americans have become used to peace, prosperity, and wanton pleasure without recourse or cost.

Yet, while we were enjoying our lives, the liberal and progressive foxes were left to guard the hen house. Their agenda is socialism under the guise of freedom, yet freedom is not, nor was it ever, defined to be whatever deviance desires. This is simple common sense because if freedom were to not be defined by an absolute standard of truth; as in ‘thus sayeth the Lord’, but to be defined in however way you, me, or the pervert down the street defines it, society would then free fall into moral depravity and result in anarchy, just like society is becoming today. This is also obvious by the fact that our laws were based upon absolute moral values.

Nevertheless, by the will of God (2 Chronicles 7:14), and the wisdom of our founding fathers (10th Amendment), the power was bestowed upon the people. All we have to do is to reclaim it from both the R’s and the D’s, put substance over symbolism, truth over lie, others before self, integrity over gain, long term over short term, and God over all. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

But, if you are like me, you believe America’s best days are behind her and though you will do your best to live your life with integrity, you know there are others who do not share your views. That’s where American Patriot comes into the picture as we aim to educate, equip, encourage, and network with others for the good of ourselves, our children, and our American way of life.

It started with an idea, it is our responsibility, and it must be embraced now.