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patriot@americanpatriotenterprises.com is used for general questions, information, or patriotism networking.

sales@americanpatriotenterprises.com is used for firearm and accessories.

ccw@americanpatriotenterprises.com is used for Concealed Carry Weapon sign up or questions.

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Tim PictureMy name is Tim Roebling; I have been shooting for most of my life. I was raised with an ingrained love of personal freedom and responsibility. I have always valued life and believe it is an individual responsibility to protect it. Living in a country that allows its citizens the right to protect themselves, their loved ones and other innocent lives is one of the greatest freedoms we have.

My formal training with firearms has been received thru various means. I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the best defensive firearms practitioners in the world. I received formal firearms and self-defense training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in 2005. Many of my instructors were current or former Law Enforcement Officers, Military and Para-Military Operators. I also receive semi-annual training with several retired FBI, government and local Law Enforcement personnel. In 2008 I completed a defensive tactics and tactical handgun advanced course run by a well known Federal Law Enforcement Agency. I have worked very hard to improve my defensive firearms skill set and have completed several other privately run advanced combat handgun courses. I have recieved certification and trained on several tactical firearms, including the fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP 5. I take my training seriously and practice regularly to keep my firearms and self-defense skills up to date.

My instructing and teaching background extends back to 1994. I have been actively teaching both at a vocational and classroom level since that time. My instructing background with firearms began 5 years ago on an informal level and on a professional level since 2009. I enjoy sharing knowledge and techniques with students in a professional yet fun manner. The subject matter when training with firearms and self defense is serious yet it can and should be fun.

My goal is to prepare students to be ready and able to handle a life or death situation while carrying a defensive firearm. My prayer is that none of us ever have to deal with that situation. However, if the wolf comes knocking I want all my students to be able to react properly and deal with any threat that presents itself, in order to protect innocent life.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon to defend oneself or another innocent person is a commitment no law-abiding citizen should take lightly. A CCW holder should be of a higher moral ethic and be aware of the increased civic responsibility that comes with being an armed citizen. It is my goal to hopefully help each student to be able to do so safely, effectively, and within the confines of the law.

I look forward to having you in class!


John PictureHello, my name is John Roebling. While Tim is the patriot who handles the training aspect of the business, I am the patriot involved in sales, who is behind the scenes doing research, answering emails, scheduling classes, and getting involved in politics. Yes, I’m the grain of sand that is welcome on the beach, tolerable when between the toes, but down right annoying when grating on soft spots. I do this to enable people to firm, or resolute, those soft spots into convictions that are foundational so that they can act/re-act with conviction. Times demand nothing less because patriots have been passive for far too long and the opposition never rests. Anyway, this is not the article for this type of discussion, but I welcome it via our Facebook page.

My education is in management and Theology, and I have been self employed all of my adult life. This has enabled me opportunities to see things slightly differently than folks going thru the ‘daily grind’ and I use that to craft American Patriot to emphasize patriotism in the real world.

As for firearms, as Tim has mentioned, our respect and interest comes from our father who was a Korean War vet, an avid hunter and collector, and a patriot. But more importantly for me, my interest in firearms is mostly because having traveled to 28 countries; I have seen the real world and have seen what have become of citizens who have no means of giving action to their voice. The simple fact is that a citizen without the second amendment is a subject- to those who desire or possess power, those who are purposefully eroding our Constitutional rights.

Be of sound conviction and armed to defend what you love, to that end; we are here to help.


Steve PictureHello, my name is Steven Whitt. I assist in sales, classroom instruction and shooting qualification on the range. I would also be considered the hunting and recreational shooting knowledge base for American Patriot. I have been shooting and hunting all my life. I was raised with a deep respect for firearms and there place in society. I believe in the 2nd amendment and the right for citizens to protect themselves,their families and other innocent people.

My training goes back to when I was a small child. My Father taught BB safety shooting course and also taught Missouri Hunter education. I worked at a Hunting club for many years were I had assisted in firearm safety and guided many hunts. Hunting has been a big part of my life, from upland birds to deer, my experience is varied.

Hunting and recreational shooting is as much a part of the history of our great nation as any other firearm discipline. As a Patriot I feel it is my duty to help preserve the rights of hunters and recreational shooters. I am always available to help you with any questions you may have and look forward to working with you!